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Squirrel removal also available in Kent Ohio, Hudson Ohio, Fairlawn Ohio, Springfield Ohio, Bath Twp Ohio, Kenmore Ohio, Tallmadge Ohio, Ravenna Ohio, Canton Ohio, Portage Lakes Ohio, Barberton Ohio, Cleveland Ohio, Stark County and Summitt County Ohio Areas.

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 Akron - Kent - Athens - Columbus -  Marietta Ohio - Pittsburgh - Penn Hills - Cannonsburg - Washington  Pennsylvania - Charleston - Parkersburg West Virginia home can be an unbearable situation to handle. They typically decide to enter your home through soffit, fascia or chimney areas to have their young. once in the home they tend to make noises that can even keep the heaviest sleeper awake at night. The Wildlife Professionals are Here to help!

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Scientific Name: Sciurus caroliniensis or the common grey squirrel is found in most parts of our country.

Of all the species of wild mammals that are native to Akron none are more frequently encountered than  Grey squirrels. Pittsburgh Squirrels belong to the most successful and widespread order in the world, rodents. One of the main differences between squirrels and most other rodents is that squirrels have a rather large, bushy tail. All rodents are gnawing animals. Squirrels have well-developed jaw muscles and chisel-like front teeth that can chew through just about anything. These front teeth are kept sharp by gnawing on hard objects such as woody plant materials, seeds and nuts. This gnawing also serves another purpose. A rodent's front teeth grow constantly, so they must be filed down or they will grow to the point where they inhibit eating and the animal will starve.

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is no exception to these home invading grey squirrels. Most love watching these little acrobats in action. They can climb just about anything and can be down right comical to watch.

Although they are awesome and inspiring to watch, Ohio Grey squirrels  can cause extensive damage to your home when they chew their way in. Some of the reasons they tend to choose attics are due to the warm and safe environment that attics can provide. Pittsburgh squirrels chew and bite through wiring that has and can cause home fires, in fact grey squirrels are one of the leading causes of fires in attic spaces.

The Wildlife Professionals of Ohio , West Virginia and Pennsylvania are a nuisance wildlife control company. Owner James Patterson has a background in Mortgage Finance and Home Construction. Starting in wildlife control in Atlanta, GA due to slump in the housing market, James quickly realized he had a passion for this industry and hasn't looked back.

 As nuisance wildlife control agents we have found that Squirrel Removal, Control and/or trapping is not always the most effective end to a conflict. Trapping an animal removes the immediate threat, though the entries ,holes in the home are open to another attack by wildlife in the future.

Once the nuisance animal is trapped an exclusion is the only true way to keep unwanted nuisance culprit from continuing to damage or take up residence in your home. The Wildlife Professionals are experienced in damage control to ensure you the most complete animal exclusion from your home or property that we give a full two year guaranty to prove it.


By and large, the grey squirrel has a rather academic bent, as you can frequently see them on college campuses!  Their actual habitat, though, is very varied.  They live in urban areas and in woodland areas.  They have a penchant for oak trees, beech trees, and other trees which produce nuts.  Naturally, nuts are a large part of their diet, along with berries and seeds.  Grey squirrels sometimes dine on bird eggs as well, not to mention birds themselves when they are nestling, and on insects.   In the spring time especially, they are sometimes fond of various kinds of vegetation.  It is safe to say that grey squirrels enjoy a very well balanced diet. 

Unlike a lot of other squirrels, the grey squirrel does not hibernate during the winter months.  They are also very active in the day time and enjoy scurrying about and foraging for food.  On that note, they tend to be very shy little creatures.  However, when they are fed, their inherent feelings of bashfulness tend to disappear. 

There are a lot of wild mammals in the world.  Of all of them, squirrels are probably the most plentiful.  In Canada, the United States, England, Ireland, and who knows how many other places, squirrels are as much a part of the population as people.  We are especially familiar with them because, as mentioned above, they are very active during the day.  They differ from a lot of other squirrels in many ways, aside of the fact that they do not hibernate. 

Squirrel Removal in Akron Ohio.
Squirrel removal is a process of trapping and removing a nuisance squirrel that has taken residence in the attic, eaves, or chimney of a residence. The squirrel in the attic, eaves or chimney are simpley trying to find a place to raise young, however their presence can cause serious damage to the home. A wildlife professional can help with removal of squirrels from your home.

Squirrel removal also available in Kent Ohio, Hudson Ohio, Fairlawn Ohio, Springfield Ohio, Bath Twp Ohio, Kenmore Ohio, Tallmadge Ohio, Ravenna Ohio, Canton Ohio, Portage Lakes Ohio, Barberton Ohio, Cleveland Ohio, Stark County and Summitt County Ohio Areas.

Squirrels in the attic in Akron Ohio.
Squirrel tend to migrate to the attic space after finding or chewing an entrance to the home eaves or attic. Once in they will begin to build a nest to raise baby squirrels. Squirrels are rodents and like to chew on just about anything they can, this includes the electrical system. Squirrels are a leading cause of attic or home fires in our nation. It is always best to have a trained wildlife specialist to inspect and give informed recommendations for solutions to your wildlife conflict. Squirrel Control Agents can asses and give conclusion.

Serving Squirrel Control and Removal in Ohio.
Akron ohio  Squirrel removal and Control,  Canton Ohio ,Squirrel Removal   Canal Fulton, Trapping   Green ohio, Squirrels  Portage Lakes, Township Ohio ,  Fairlawn,  Cuyahoga Falls Squirrels attic, ohio,  Kent Ohio Attic, Squirells  in Ravena Ohio,  Brimfield Ohio,  Hudson Ohio,  Dover Ohio,   New Philadelphia , Massilon Ohio Squirrels in my home , Medina Ohio Squirrels Attic,  Cuyahoga Falls Ohio, Tallmadge Ohio, Stark county Ohio,   Summit County Ohio and surrounding areas.

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Servicing in West Virginia:
Charleston WV Squirrel Control, Kanawha City West Virginia Squirrel removal, Nitro West Virginia, St. Albans West Virginia, Crosslanes, Winfield Squirrel control, Buffalo WV, Dunbar WV, Hurricane West Virginia, South Hills West Virginia Squirrel Attic, Sissonsville West Virginia, Elkview West Virginia, Pinch WV,  Ripley West Virginia, Ravenswood West Virginia, Spencer West Virginia, Lubeck, Parkersburg, Beckley, Kanawha County, Jackson County, Putnam County, Boone County, New Haven WV, PT. Pleasant , Henderson WV, Wellsburg West Virginia,


We also have the following areas wildlife control and animal removal Services

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Albuquerque NM                       505-750-4007
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Atlanta GA Metro                         678-792-8053
Pittsburgh Metro                          412-737-4298
Lexington- Louisville KY             859-221-0598
Greensboro NC                           336-240-9317
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